Sound Systems 

Quality sound systems throughout your house transform your music listen experience. We can bring high quality audio streaming, surround sound and multi-zone audio to your home, office or restaurant with the best speakers on the market.  Entertain your guests with music throughout the home, or appeal to varying tastes with different music in each space. 

Special Projects 

What you’re thinking isn’t on this list? Contact us! We will provide a free quote on any project, and love to hear your ideas and provide guidance along the way! 

Networking and Wireless 

We can help you improve the connection of your devices with your home Wi-Fi and mobile networks.  Stay connected without experiencing disruptions in service and frustrating wait times to load videos and use streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  We can also connect your business to wireless solutions, allowing customers to access Wi-Fi and your employees to access the internet on portable devices. Increase productivity and customer happiness by keeping them connected! 


Media Rooms

From visual experience to integrated surround sound with premium home speakers, it’s time to take your home to the next level with a home theater system that wows.  Enjoy watching a movie, listening to music, dimming the lights and setting the volume to the perfect level all with the same universal remote control.  Our system experts will design the perfect home theater for your space, taking all of your wants and needs into consideration and optimizing the system for the space. 

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Custom Installations 

From wiring a TV to installing indoor and outdoor lighting, we are here to make your vision a reality. Custom Integrated Solutions will work within your budget and timeframe to ensure that the technology in your home not only looks great, but also works properly.

Corporate Solutions 

We work with businesses of any size to provide technology and services that will increase productivity, safety and operations. Bars and restaurants have utilized our services to bring the big game to their patrons. Other organizations have used Custom Integrated Solutions for their networking and wiring work during construction and remodeling. 

Surveillance Equipment

Protect your family. Protect your business. Affordable and easy to use surveillance systems serve as an added level of security to your home or business. An investment in the latest home security cameras, locks and other technology makes keeping your valuables safe and sound an easy task to manage from any location, at any time.  Whether home or away, have peace of mind knowing you can check on your home whenever you want. 


Dreaming of an outdoor entertainment space? From speakers that blend into your landscaping to outdoor entertainment systems worthy of watching the big game on while grilling your famous steaks - we can connect you to what can usually only be accessed from your living room! Make this summer the summer you spend more time outdoors!